With the buzz of

    Nestled deep in the meadows of Lavender Beds, the bees have come to buzz at the hive once more.Address: Chaos - Sagittarius - Lavender Beds - Ward 2 - Plot 27
    Opening times: Once a month on Tuesday | 6PM ST - 10PM ST

    Our honeybees reserve the right to decline any booking

    Specialty: Unspoken fantasiesImmerse yourself in a tantalizing world of unrestrained sensuality with me. Envision an intimate dance where every sinuous movement is a whispered promise, sending shivers down your spine, and each touch unveils a hidden desire that ignites a fiery passion within. Together, let's transcend the ordinary, weaving a sumptuous tapestry of passion that not only awakens but caresses the very essence of your senses.In the dim, sultry glow, allow the anticipation to build as our bodies gracefully intertwine, crafting an intimate narrative of explicit allure and unreserved indulgence. Shed every inhibition, feeling the magnetic pull of desire as we surrender to the pulsating rhythm, creating an intoxicating dance that ventures into the alluring realms of forbidden ecstasy.This dance experience goes beyond the physical; it's a journey where the lines between passion and intimacy blur, leaving you breathless, your heart pounding in rhythm with the clandestine desires we unveil. Are you prepared to immerse yourself in the secrets of desire, where each moment in our world of unspoken fantasies leaves an indelible mark? The stage is set; the spotlight is on you.

    Gender: Female | She/her
    Sexuality: Straight ♥
    Alignment: Bottom
    Likes: Cuddling, Flirting, Teasing, Degradation, Praise
    Dislikes: CNC, Scat and Extreme Violence
    H-hewwo, I'm Elsje! Your favourite bratty Miqo'te! It's such a pleasure to meet you! If you crave a night full of tantalizing surprises and a touch of the hive's seductive charm, you've found the perfect partner ready for unforgettable escapade. Allow me to be your conductor of our honey-kissed symphony, where desire swirls in the air, and every moment is an intimate dance of passion. Ready to surrender to the enchantment of a night where the buzzing of honeybees add a tantalizing atmosphere to our shared secrets?

    Specialty: Hive of Hedonism
    Dear seeker of pleasure, do the shadows of solitude weigh heavy upon you? Allow me to be your guide through your desires. With but a whisper, I shall eagerly lead you on a journey through the realms of your deepest fantasies... Uncertain of your desires? Fret not, dear lamb, for I shall gladly share my own favorites and gently coax forth the desires hidden within you.
    Together, we shall explore the boundaries of pleasure, and I shall mold you into the willing plaything you long to be.

    Gender: Nonbinary - Any Pronouns
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Alignment: Top
    Likes: Blood, Weapon Play, Exhibitionism, and Face Sitting.
    Dislikes: Vanilla
    Blyss Ostornwyn, a captivating and cunning elezen, once thrived in the service of Vauthry, indulging in the opulent delights of hedonism. However, with Vauthry's demise, they found themselves adrift, yearning for stimulation and purpose. Their fateful encounter with the Warrior of Light led them back to Etheirys, where they discovered the enticing allure of the realm's bustling nightlife. In the heart of this vibrant world, Blyss weaves a tapestry of seduction and intrigue, drawing patrons into their web with skillful charm.

    Specialty: Demoness's caress
    Come closer sweetheart~ And let me take care of you for tonight, okay? You don't need to worry about the harsh realities of life anymore, because the void will have all you ever need from now on. All you have to do is give into it love... ♥

    Gender: Female | She/her
    Sexuality: Lesbian
    Alignment: Switch - Heavy Top/dom lean
    Likes: Musk, Heavy/light BDSM, romance, petplay, Mind control, Any many more~
    Dislikes: Depends on the mood. Feel free to ask away!
    A Succubus of unknown origins, Madeline is always right out in plain view... When she wants to be at least. And always happy to talk, dance, or capture the many essences to your pleasure~ Whether you want a friend to ramble the night away with, or someone to lead you by the collar... Just don't be afraid to ask. And she'll be more then happy to oblige~

    Specialty: Your wish is my command
    Let me play into your likes, and give you the attention you deserve. Tonight, your wish is my command. Please discuss intentions beforehand!

    Gender: Male | He/him
    Sexuality: Straight ♥
    Alignment: Mainly Top but can Switch
    Likes: Rough, scratching, biting, light choking, roughness
    Dislikes: scat, toilet play, pegging
    A miqote who enjoys mainly the white life but time to time can enjoy the party from time to time enjoys more the simple things but a challenge and chance to be creative is good when I get the opportunity